Engine 1201 is a 2000 American LaFrance Silver Eagle Pumper/ Tender 1500gpm/ 1000gal. This is our front line Engine with a six man cab, 6-Scott 4.5 SCBA, MSA Thermal imaging Camera, Scott Pack Tracker, RIT bag, and animal resuscitation kit, Medical Response Bags, Suction Units, and AED

Engine 1203 is a 1988 Grumman Simon-Duplex Pumper/ Tender 1500gpm/ 1000gal. This is our second out Engine or Tender 6 man cab with 4 jump seats that are open air, it responds to all mutual aid calls, and is used to support our Ladder truck. This Engine is set up as a mirror to Engine 1201 with 6 4.5 Scott SCBA, MSA Thermal Imaging Camera, multiple tools and a 2500gal portable drop tank used in rural water areas. Medical Response Bags, Suction Units, and AED


Ladder 12 is a 1987 Spartan-LTI 85’ Rear mount Ladder Platform. This truck responds to all comical calls and most all working structures throughout the Eastern side of Davie County plus neighboring Counties of Forsyth, Davidson, and Rowan. This truck carries a large array of ground ladders, 5-4.5 Scott SCBA, High-Angle Rope Rescue Equipment and Rigging, Ventilation Fans and large vent saws plus a concrete cutting saw.

Rescue 12 is a Ford 550 4X4 Anchor-Richey Mini-Pumper 300gpm/ 300gal and 15 gal of class a foam concentrate. This truck is a multiply use vehicle which is run by our day-time staff due to its capabilities this truck has Hurst Rescue equipment both E-Draulics and Power pump Hydraulic, MSA Haz-Mat Multi-Color Thermal Imaging Camera, 2 4.5 Scott SCBA, High Pressure Air Bags, large array of rescue equipment, This was designed to conduct single room fire attack, Vehicle fires, Grass/ woods brush fires, technical Rescues with support, hazardous Material Technician responses. Medical Response Bags, Suction Units, and AED

Brush 1209 is a 1976 Howe Loadstar 1600 4X4 350gpm/ 300gal pump on the roll Brush attack unit carry a large array of Forestry equipment with several hundred feet of 1” hose, backpack blower, forest rakes, multiply Saws with Chaps and safety equipment.

Squad 12 is a 1999 Chevrolet Suburban 4X4 2500. This unit is used for Medical response and support staff, carries Medical Response Bags, Suction Units, O2 Bottles, AED, SCBA Bottles, Lock-Out Kit, Rescue Gear PPE and SARE Helmets, 1-4.5 Scott SCBA and MEGA-MOVERS.

Auxiliary 12   is a 1988 Chevrolet Suburban 4X4 2500. This unit is used by staff for transportation to schools and special assignments, Medical Response Bags, 4.5 Scott SCBA Rehab Supplies,

Safety House 12 is a 2003 33’ HS2 Trailer by Surry Safety. This is our Public Safety Trailer that is used at most all the schools and special events in Davie County, our Pub-Ed Staff provides fire safety tips and community educational programs to large audiences multiply times a year This trailer can also provide server weather training as well as fire training. They will instruct a minimal of 1,500 student and adults each year.   

Engine 1202 is a 1969 Howe Chevrolet C-60 750gpm/ 800gal. This unit has minimal equipment due to being a reserve apparatus, this was our first custom built pumper for our department.