In 1964 the ladies of the Mocks and Advance communities met on a Thursday night at 7:30 to organize the first of many Advance Fireman's Auxiliary. The meeting was held at the home of Mrs. Otis R Hoots.

Officers of the 1st Advance Fireman's Auxiliary:

  • President: Mrs. Pat Jones
  • Vice President: Mrs. Ruth Hockady
  • Secretary: Mrs. Sally Barney
  • Treasurer: Mrs, Nell Lee Burton
  • Reporter: Mrs. Kay Carter
  • Historian: Mrs. Lib Carter
  • Chaplain: Mrs. Ruby Markland

The Auxiliary provides assistance and support to the Advance Fire Dept. whenever the need arises. They respond to alarms any time of the day or night to provide firefighters with whatever supplies or assistance they may need. In addition to response functions, the auxiliary also participates in fire department events such as "What Christmas is all about", The Advance Christmas Parade, and the Bi-annual Bar-B-Que.

The Auxiliary presently meets every 3rd Tuesday of the Month at 6:30pm. The meetings are held at the Advance Fire Department, 169 Fire Station Rd.