A Few Words from Chief Rodney D. Miller



Our mission is simple: public safety. It is a tribute to everyone in the department that day-in and day-out we meet that challenge and that we do so under conditions that can be difficult and dangerous.

Continuing to meet that challenge will take a commitment from all of us in the department to never rest on our laurels and to be willing to do what is often the hardest thing of all: change

∙        We must be diligent in working to bring new knowledge and competencies to bear on old problems.

∙        We must focus not only on where the problems are, but on where the solutions can be found.

∙        We must encourage teamwork and instill discipline.

∙        We must learn to respect, understand and trust one another in order to do our jobs better, to protect the public better and to make this department better.

∙        Every firefighter and medic must have confidence in the men and women working beside him or her.

As an organization, we must give the people in the field the tools and the support they need to work together comfortably and effectively.