The Volunteer Incentive Program (VIP) is an intensive 6-day educational opportunity designed specifically for volunteer and combination department emergency services personnel.
Since 1980, the National Fire Academy (NFA) has offered 2-week courses year round on its Emmitsburg, Maryland, campus; these courses are considered the best available anywhere.
The problem was that most volunteers couldn't take 2 weeks off to attend these courses.

With VIP, that has all changed!

The NFA has compressed course work into 6 days, or has devised new courses and tailored them to the special needs of volunteers, still maintaining content, quality, and integrity.
VIP course, offered during a "VIP Week" four times per fiscal year also have recommended college accreditation through the American Council on Education (ACE).

Student have the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas and information with colleagues from across the country in an informal setting outside the classroom.
This program, along with the other resources of the National Fire Academy, ensures a successful learning experience while keeping the time commitment to a minimum.

Application for Volunteer Membership